Moroccan handicraft

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Tailor-made manufacturing of all handcrafted items (lamps, furniture, accessories, sanitary ware, etc.)

Specialists in all craft materials. (Copper, brass,nickel silver, wrought iron, skins……)

Covering of doors and furniture with artisanal decoration

Interviews of antiquities…..

Professional handcrafted maintenance of all products and furniture: Repair / cleaning and shine
Free first repair for all our items, whose damage does not exceed 50%, for any order that exceeds 2500.00
Free deliveries for all orders over 5000 dhs
Deliveries reduced to 50% for any order that exceeds 2500.00 dhs
Decoration advice and support for the implementation of a successful decoration
Free installation on all our items for every order over 2500.00

Moroccan crafts

Our company Mennconcept, specialized in artisanal decoration, offers you services in traditional, modern and contemporary interior decoration, as well as the development and renovation of housing (villas, apartments, office, store, etc.) we have products created to measure,lanterns (lamps), wall sconces, accessories, with different colors and design of Moroccan craft decoration
Mennconceptis in fact a company that manufactures these items in all originality, and is among the most influential Moroccan craft specialist, without granting them to third parties, we have workshops planted in the quiet places of the city, we allow to deliver quality products with a human price.
you can entrust your project to us by making Moroccan home decoration, a choice that never betrays your trust, and benefit from our expertise in decoration, our services are complete and diversified, since we build unique models, according to your choice .
and that’s not all, Mennconcept also manufactures Moroccan artisanal accessories, namely sanitary accessories, bathtubs, chairs, and table accessories, etc. to complete your decoration and opt for a harmony that does not wear out over time.

Morocco’s craftsmanship is a mixture of history , a concentrate of civilizations, since Morocco is among the oldest in the world, mainly mentioned are the Phoenician, Carthaginian, Roman, Vandal, Byzantine and Arab settlements. Due to its geographical location as a strategic hub between Europe and Africa, craftsmanship in Morocco has thus undergone thousands of years of evolution.

The first known inhabitants of Morocco, the Berbers were the precursors in the field of crafts especially in the work of wool (carpets), iron and silver (jewelry), various utensils and clay (pottery) . After Islamization and the arrival of the Arabs, other forms of crafts developed: copper work (various utensils, tables), wood, sorrel, esparto and clay (pottery ). This craft covers practically all of Morocco and each region has its own specialties, drawn from the raw materials which are found there in abundance. But the cities best known for their crafts are Fez (leather, copper, silver, gold, fabrics), Marrakech (leather, copper, carpets), Essaouira (wood, carpets, silver) and RabatSalé (pottery). The regions of Agadir and Tafilalet also have valuable crafts. Moreover, it is only in the imperial cities that we can meet craftsmen who practice damasquinerie (art of engraving on steel that allows to make vases, jewelry…)


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artisanat marocain