🎯 Custom manufacturing of all handcrafted items (lamps, furniture, accessories, sanitary ……… ..)
🎯 Specialists in all craft materials (copper, brass, nickel silver, wrought iron, leather ……
🎯 Recovery of doors and furniture with traditional decoration
🎯 Maintain antiques …

💡 Maintain professional craft of all goods and furniture: Repair / clean and shiny
💡 First free repair for all our items, whose damage does not exceed 50% for any order exceeding 2500.00
💡 Free delivery for orders exceeding 5000 dhs
💡 Shipments reduced to 50% for any commendatory beyond 2500.00 dhs
💡 Council decoration and accompanying the implementation of a successful decoration
💡 Free installation on all our items for each order exceeds 2500.00

Our compagny is specializes in Moroccan traditional decoration, offers services in traditional interior design, modern, and contemporary, as well as planning and habitat restoration (villas, apartments, office, shop, …) we have products creates safe measurement, lanterns (lamps), wall applies, accessories, with different colors and design of Moroccan traditional decoration
Mennconcept is made in a company that makes these items without dropping them to third parties, we have workshops planted in the quiet places of the city, we enable and deliver quality products with a human price.
you can entrust your project by the Moroccan traditional decoration, a choice that never betrays your trust, and benefit from our expertise in design, our services are comprehensive and diverse, as we build single models, according to your tastes .
and that’s not all, Mennconcept also manufactures sanitary fittings, bathtubs, chairs, tables and accessories to complete your decorating … and opt for a royal harmony.

Crafts Morocco is a historical mixture, concentration of civilizations, since Morocco is among the oldest in the world, we mainly cite the Phoenician settlements, Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines and Arabs. its geographical location as a strategic hub between Europe and Africa, handicrafts in Morocco has experienced thousands of years of evolution.

The earliest known inhabitants of Morocco, the Berbers were the forerunners in the field of handicrafts especially in the processing of wool (carpet), iron and silver (jewelery), various utensils and clay (pottery) . After the Islamization and the arrival of the Arabs, and other crafts were developed: copper work (various utensils, tables), wood sorrel, alfa and clay (pottery ). This craft covers virtually all of Morocco and each region has its own specialties, from raw materials found there in abundance. But the most famous cities for their crafts are Fez (leather, copper, silver, gold, fabrics), Marrakech (leather, copper, carpets), Essaouira (wood, carpet, silver) and Rabat-Salé (pottery). The regions of Agadir and the Tafilalet also have a crafts value. Moreover, it is only in the imperial cities that can meet artisans who practice damasquinerie (art of engraving on steel that can make vases, jewelery …)